The BioEthx™ consult management service provides a centralized repository for recording all of the important information related to an ethics consultation request and the complete process carried out to achieve the most appropriate outcome.

With minimal training, hospital and clinic staff can create a record of an expressed concern or a request for action. Thereafter, the system becomes a valuable tool to guide the workflow required to properly handle the issue, supporting the inclusion of additional specialists and promoting collaboration among consultation team members to work towards an optimal outcome.

BioEthx is a complete tool that helps healthcare organizations to ensure that appropriate ethics protocols needed to provide quality healthcare and mitigate risks are applied to both clinical and organizational ethics cases.

Primary features of the service include: (click by topic)

Users and Roles

Each organization (hospital, healthcare system, clinic, etc.) is set up as a unique Facility which contains only the consult information relevant to that organization. Ethics consultants and other system users are assigned specific roles within the system depending on their area of functional responsibility; ethics consultation, consultation evaluation or system administration. Roles provide for various levels of information visibility and access to system functions. Privileges and navigational authorizations are assigned to user sessions based on their specification of a facility ID and functional role at system login.