Increased attention is being given, both within healthcare facilities and in the public media, to the fair and equitable treatment of patients. This requires an increased focus on the ethical validity of decisions made by healthcare providers in answering what is best for the patient, what is fair to all concerned, and what is financially reasonable. As more attention is given to patient rights and quality of care, patients, their surrogates, or other advocates may question medical and administrative decisions, the processes used in arriving at these decisions, or the manner in which related communications are conveyed.

Traditionally, the healthcare provider has had significant latitude in making these decisions, which typically were challenged only in the most extreme cases. More often now, healthcare administrators must take a look at their ability to demonstrate the compassionate responsiveness to the concerns of patients or family members - beyond the quick medical and administrative decision. It is imperative now more than ever to obtain the patient’s concurrence and family buy-in as an integral part of the ethics decision making process and to be in a position to defend decisions after the fact.

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